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Drivers / Training

We have established strong connections with fleet driver suppliers, enabling us to fulfil your staffing needs efficiently. Whether you require professional drivers on an ongoing basis or for specific projects, we have you covered.

Our network of skilled drivers can be seamlessly integrated into your workforce, either as part of your payroll or on a rental basis. This flexibility ensures that you have access to experienced drivers whenever the need arises, without the hassle of managing additional employees. Rest assured, our drivers are not only proficient in their roles but are also trained to operate your fleet with a deep understanding of trailer and tipper operations.

By providing drivers with the necessary training, we empower them to handle your fleet with expertise, resulting in several benefits for our customers.

  • Their proficiency helps minimize tire wear, as they employ the correct techniques and best practices while operating your vehicles.
  • Their knowledge of hydraulic maintenance and pneumatic operations contributes to maintaining the optimal functioning of your fleet, preventing unnecessary breakdowns and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Our drivers are well-versed in routine maintenance practices, enabling them to identify and address potential issues promptly.
  • This proactive approach ensures that your vehicles remain in impeccable condition, allowing for trouble-free operations and minimizing unexpected downtime.