Our Services

Pickup / Delivery

At Black Diamond Motors, we understand the importance of convenience and efficiency when it comes to vehicle pickup and delivery. To establish our presence on a pan India basis, we have assembled a team of professional drivers who specialize in transporting Prime movers/Chassis from your location to ours. Once the trailers are attached and ready for delivery, our team will bring them straight to your doorstep.

By utilizing our vehicle pickup and delivery service, you can save both time and money. Our dedicated drivers ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer of Prime movers/Chassis, eliminating the need for you to arrange transportation or wait for drivers to complete trailer attachment. We take care of the logistics, so you can focus on your core business activities without any interruptions.

  • Our team of professional drivers is highly trained and experienced, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your vehicles. 
  • They adhere to strict quality and safety standards, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your assets are in capable hands.
  • Whether you require vehicle pickup and delivery for a single unit or a fleet of vehicles, we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs.
  • Our efficient and reliable service ensures that your vehicles are transported in a timely manner, allowing you to streamline your operations and maintain a smooth workflow.