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Tip Trailer


A tipper on a semi-trailer, commonly known as a tip trailer, has been an integral part of commercial truck applications for years. Initially, the hydraulic aggregate technology limited the body length and volumetric capacity of tippers. However, advancements in hydraulic cylinder technology, including front and telescopic cylinders, enabled the development of larger tipper bodies on truck chassis. This evolution eventually led to the emergence of tip trailers.

We are pioneers in designing and developing the first tip trailer for the Indian market. Today, we stand as the leading brand in India and a prominent tip-trailer manufacturer globally. We take pride in representing India in the global market for tip trailers, assuming the responsibility of showcasing our country’s expertise in this field.


  • Our tip trailers embody innovation, reliability, and viability.
  • They are the perfect combination of the best design, manufacturing processes, materials, aggregates, and workmanship.
  • With a power-tipped trailer range of 16 cubic meters to 40 cubic meters, our trailers are suitable for 4×2 and 6×4 chassis, accommodating tractors ranging from 180 to 400 BHP.
  • We collaborate with various OEMs like Tata, Ashok-Leyland, Eicher, Bharat Benz, Mahindra, and more to ensure compatibility and versatility.
  • We offer customized tip trailers tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.